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Short Sale Laws. With new efforts to encourage short sales, we can expect short sale laws to become more borrower-friendly in the next few months.

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Committed Team

Committed Team

The associates at Bloom & Freeling focus on precise communication, attention to detail and most importantly, a patient approach. Clients are provided with up-to-date information about their rights and are educated throughout the process so that all questions and concerns are continuously addressed.

Proven Success

Proven Success

Jonathan Bloom and Michael Freeling pride themselves of being committed client advocates. This focused attention and thorough work ethic delivers successful results. Their trusted reputation and dedicated participation in the community continues to be the catalyst that builds on their success.

Solid Experience

Solid Experience

With over 40 years of combined experience, Bloom & Freeling will provide you with the trusted expertise you need when seeking legal representation in the areas of real estate, commercial and corporate law. Call today at 561.864.0000 so that they can provide you with a solution to your concerns.

About Bloom & Freeling

Since 1996, Bloom & Freeling have been providing quality legal advice and services to clients throughout Florida, New York and Connecticut. We are an experienced, successful, and proven transaction and litigation firm with a track record and reputation that continues to deliver client satisfaction.


Contact us today at 561.864.0000 to schedule your consultation or to discuss your questions on how our Legal Team can best represent you. We look forward to helping you resolve your legal matters.

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“Jonathan Bloom’s work has been of the highest caliber. Jonathan is a very seasoned attorney. His litigation skills are exceptional and he was strong, thorough, and strategic in helping or company work through a difficult situation. He has been personally available for us whenever needed and we are greatly appreciative of his expertise and dedication. Our company has been fortunate to have him in our corner! He and his firm are a great addition to any organization that needs a professional attorney who really understands the client’s needs.”

Aron Barkan

CEO, Strategic Solutions Network

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