Loan Modifications

Life can be unpredictable at times especially during this tough economic period, with new expenses rising up out of nowhere. Whether a life event or major change occurs or you lose your job, many things in life can cause you to fall behind on your mortgage payments. Our Bloom and Freeling team of Real Estate attorneys may be able to assist you in qualifying for a Loan modification program that could help you without putting your home at risk.


A Loan modification program provided by Bloom and Freeling is very helpful to those in times of great financial distress. It can offer you and your family numerous benefits and can get you out of debt. Some of the primary reasons for a loan modification are to:

  • Lower your monthly mortgage payments & interest rates
  • Fix your adjustable rate
  • Reduce your loan balance
  • Waive negatively accrued interest
  • Give you extensions on payments
  • Re-amortize loan to include past due payments
  • Most importantly…SAVE YOUR HOME!


A Loan Modification, also known as mortgage modification, mortgage loan modification, or home loan modification is the process of modifying your existing loan to make your payments more affordable. The purpose of a loan modification is to provide you with a mortgage payment you can afford. It’s actually very similar to a mortgage refinance but instead of finding a new mortgage that you can afford, this just modifies your current mortgage into something you can fit into your budget.


Call us at 561.864.0000 to see if a Loan Modification is right for you and whether or not you are eligible and let our expert Loan Modification Attorneys negotiate on your behalf. At the very least, let us help you buy more time and give you some peace of mind.

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