Foreclosure Defense

Are you currently delinquent in mortgage loan payments to your lender? Have you been served with a notice of foreclosure letter or have received a mortgage foreclosure complaint? If so, Bloom and Freeling can offer you Foreclosure Defense. Time is of the essence and it is imperative that you contact us as soon as possible. In many cases, a homeowner and borrower will begin to lose legal rights in as little as twenty (20) days. Every day that passes during this crucial period may make the situation you are in worse. A Foreclosure against the borrower can have serious, long lasting ramifications. Your decision to engage in our Foreclosure Defense program today may preserve, protect and safeguard valuable legal rights affecting your future income, credit worthiness and income tax consequences.


Our Foreclosure Defense attorneys will educate you on your rights and prepare the documents necessary to give you the peace of mind you deserve while going through this trying period. Bloom and Freeling can offer to provide you with a mortgage foreclosure defense program that is right for you. We can assist you with:


  • The knowledge you will need to make informed decisions during this challenging period
  • Our legal compliance analysis in the loan, collections, default and foreclosure process
  • Additional time to pursue all loss mitigation and alternatives to foreclosure
  • An innovative and complete Foreclosure Defense program
  • The ability to negotiate a payment workout with your lender
  • Time to sell your home for fair market value
  • More time to get over a hardship in your life so that you can afford to keep your home or property
  • More time to save up money to reinstate and refinance your mortgage
  • Alternative options like qualifying for bankruptcy


As hard as it may seem right now, there is still hope. But the time is now to call Bloom and Freeling to start the process and protect you with our Foreclosure Defense. We are qualified and ready to help get you and your family, back on your feet and on the road to a new beginning.


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