Corporate Law

Our Bloom and Freeling Corporate Law Team has been privileged to work closely with a wide variety of businesses and institutions, from Fortune 500 to family-owned businesses, professional service firms, technology, publishing and telecommunications companies, manufacturers,  agri-businesses and nonprofits, to highly regulated banking and financial services firms, insurance firms, retailers, transportation companies, health care institutions and educational institutions throughout Florida, New York and Connecticut.


From start-up, through conventional bank and private equity financings, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances, to divestitures and dissolution, our experienced attorneys help our clients achieve their objectives quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Between these life cycle events, we support our South Florida clients with the thorough preparation of employment agreements and shareholders agreements, protection of intellectual property assets, handling of personnel issues, regulatory compliance support and commercial litigation throughout the state of Florida.


Our goal at Bloom and Freeling is simple and that is to assist entrepreneurs and business owners succeed in a very competitive economy. If you are ready to protect your business investment, please give us a call at 561.864.0000 to schedule your appointment.

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