Civil Litigation

At Bloom and Freeling, we understand the complexity of a Civil Litigation. The time factor brought on by a Civil Litigation case can be very trying to all involved. Our team of dedicated attorneys will do everything possible to ensure that we keep you well informed of every detail that is brought to our attention. Our team of South Florida lawyers have participated in virtually every kind of civil litigation, from the representation of individuals in contract and other commercial disputes, to representing parties in multiparty and class action claims.


These cases have involved the dissolution of family partnerships, will contests, banking, breaches of fiduciary duty and fraud, and other creditor rights claims, dispute between customers and brokers, personal injury and product liability cases, business dissolutions, and a host of similar cases. To compete in a wide range of cases, including document intensive discovery, we take advantage of the latest technology, including trial presentation and case management software.


The Bloom and Freeling Civil Litigation process formally begins with the filing of a complaint, which is, generally, thereafter served on the opposing party. The parties then go through the “discovery” process, where documents are exchanged, examinations are conducted, and each side is provided an opportunity to build their case. After discovery, a trial may be scheduled, which may take place before a judge, jury or both.
Some examples of our South Florida Civil Litigation lawsuits include:


  • Tort claims (injuries, wrongs against a person)
  • Worker claims
  • Employee grievance claims
  • Employee discrimination claims
  • General civil claims
  • Contract disputes


We look forward to assisting you with your Civil Litigation needs. Please call at us 561.864.0000 if you have any questions or immediate concerns.

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